Actim is a prototype application written in python, which allows the sending and receiving of files and calling non-interactive command lines via email (under GPL licence).

The application can handle both synchronous and asynchronous requests and it is multi-threaded. Actim has both command line and graphical user (using Python/Tk) interfaces. Here is the screenshot.

An example of usage; your home PC does not have any access to your office workstation (which is behind the company firewall). By running this application on both sides, you can gain access to your account at the office desktop.

What's new and news

12, Jan, 02
Currently, I am unable to spend time on this project due to heavy workload.

17, Oct, 01
The 0.1 alpha is finally released and this release includes a set of graphical interfaces. Users can easily setup configurations and launch events with the gui.

28, Aug, 01
The 0.6 pre-alpha is out now. I have only tested it with Python 2.1.1 because a bug in Python 2.0 stops an autotest running but this should work with Python 2.0. This version is roughly tested on Windows and not all security features are supported.


Actim manual is available in HTML, postscript and PDF format. This manual is also included inside the package.
Here are the examples of .actimrc and .actimdrc files.

Download (Warning!)

By downloading Actim, I take no responsiblility whatsoever for any consequences of using this product.

Current stage: alpha 0.1 version
All the even version releases support MS Windows platforms (.zip file)

Version Filename Changes
Old release ... previous releases Changes
0.6 pre-alpha actim-pre-alpha-0.6.tar.gz
0.1 alpha actim-alpha-0.1.tar.gz

If you have any requests, comments or complaints, feel free to email me.

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